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Previously worked through Level 3 of BSL at Anniesland College (completing the year, but not the portfolio) had a terrific teacher Nicola Mitchell and a great bunch of classmates.


My late wife Frances, lost her hearing in 2004 aged 49. She had been hard of hearing for many months before. When we were both told that she was indeed, deaf, there was no immediate advice or support offered to us. I say "us" as it affected both our lives in so many ways. Thankfully, through our own efforts, we received great support from Jill Bradshaw via Partick Sensory Impairment Centre and the excellent staff at Deaf Connections in Norfolk Street, Gorbals, via Carol Grice and members of the Thursday night Hard Of Hearing Club. I will never forget how welcome they made us feel from the start. There, Frances found somewhere she felt "connected". Sadly, Frances died in December 2005, aged 50.


Many thanks to my past teachers...

George McGowan (Level 1)

Margaret Connally (Level 2)

Nicola Mitchell (Level 3)

For making the learning so enjoyable and re-educating my hearing brain.